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This is that infamous first post that has ground many a fledgling blog to a halt (particularly those attempted by overly-particular editors). Now, the responsible thing to do here would be to explain the general content planned at WREADITOR before the emphasis begins to flutter off inevitably to more SEO-friendly pastures.

Other noble intentions could include: providing some background, setting the writing tone, or just flinging something up on the screen that will end up being deleted. Let’s get to some of that now.

Not so long ago there were three very distinct camps in the world of literary publishing:

  1. Writers who wrote their earnest works
  2. Editors who then cleaned up the text objectively and meticulously
  3. Readers who formed a reliable audience for the vetted results

Today, that has all changed. In the arena of poetry especially, these roles are now blurring and merging until you commonly find close-knit fans of one genre sharing their own self-edited writings with each other online and/or editors in literary reading circles writing for each other’s publications.

WREADITOR aims to serve as an evolving resource for these writer/reader/editor hybrids; it speaks to the interests of those of us in the mutually inclusive center. And doesn’t that Venn diagram seem to expand by the pageview?


14 thoughts on “What is WREADITOR?

      1. Yes I was curious how long ago your first post is a voilà! I saw it was 24/7. Ok, at the risk of sounding weird, I also saw your twitter on the rhs and followed the link to the intriguing magicalrealism account…some amazing story ideas…I can see why that could railroad your plans for sleep.

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      2. That’s great–I can see why your site has taken off like it has! I’ve also been looking at how Twitter and WordPress can interact, and am glad you checked it out.
        Ah, that magic realism bot is something else. Every time.


      3. Not sure about taking off, It’s been 3 years but I am really grateful to have readers and more so, the friendships/community created through engagement in comments. I think your blog will be a success!


      4. Sorry, I’m slow on the draw. But thank you for the comment and being part of that welcoming community. I’m aiming to craft a gratitude post here one day. I would have started sooner if I’d known you were all out here!


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