Wreadcasts to Air Saturdays on WREADITOR.com

The extra emphasis radio places on language and voice has always fascinated me. That is probably the origin of my temptation to experiment with podcasting. I’ve also come to appreciate the energy generated by radio’s ephemeral nature.

With all of this in mind—and at the risk of confusing a cat—I present something completely different beginning next Saturday: the wreadcast.

Will this kind of post still be anchored somehow to writing/reading/editing? Sure. How, then, will it be different?

Here is the Scheme:

  • a short audio post on writing/reading/editing will appear on WREADITOR.com select Saturdays
  • these “wreadcasts” will be available for up to a week
  • as they expire, the audio in each post will be replaced with a text summary
  • comments, however, will be left open for discussion

Why Saturdays?

Saturday just happens to be when the gear-turning gnomes within this machine predict you prefer to read WREADITOR articles. (And, to be fair, a part of me probably also misses looking forward to Saturday morning programming.)

What a Wreadcast Has To Offer

The key benefit from tuning in to a wreadcast will be discussion. In keeping each informal and fleeting, they will be closer to conversation starters than polished-but-passive podcasts.

I can’t say what the content will be yet or how long the series will last, but I can definitely promise they will not contain gimmicky sound effects and/or my singing.

So this is a heads-up to anyone interested in catching the debut broadcast next Saturday as it becomes available. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of the experiment.

Note: the original announcement used a moniker for the podcast style that was already in use by someone else. It has been corrected with “wreadcast” and reposted.

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