What You Want to Read Next (Wreadcast .7 – 5:05)

I can pore over analytics or buy someone’s guide to writing popular posts, but I thought I’d go the direct route and ask you which topic you would most like to see covered here in the upcoming weeks.

  • Is it more on the business of writing?
  • Favorite recent reads?
  • Editor interviews and book reviews?
  • Creative writing samples?

Here are some directions I’d be happy to steer this ship:

(Brief Audio Summary: After posting a wide range of what has interested me, I am asking you for feedback on what you’d like to see here in the near future. A list of possible topics was rattled off.)

I’ve enjoyed experimenting with content in these early days of Wreaditor.com. Now I’m starting to pin down the fixtures and focus on discussion with the writers and editors who have stopped by.

Thank you, farrukh, for suggesting listing the audio runtimes. And thank you all for the kind support.

This is a Wreadcast, a short-term, informal podcast piece. After about a week, the audio will be replaced with a text summary to make room for a new Wreadcast.

5 thoughts on “What You Want to Read Next (Wreadcast .7 – 5:05)

  1. First off thanks for the kind mention in the footer. Second this is such an awesome thing ur abt to start all ur ideas are kick ass. Id be interested in all. But more towards the writers cafe and sending out to journals (i can talk abt the rejections ive been getting), i wud also welcome any editing and submissions tips. I guess maybe you start a list of journals that are out there. Just as suggestions. And maybe others can comment there experiences. Book reviews r also welcome. Since ur an editor maybe u can have ur editor friends write guest posts. I would love to find other ppl like u.

    In short ur suggestions are really good. Good luck with everything:)

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    1. That’s some very useful feedback. I’ll take it all into account for future posts. A list of journals would be fun, especially gathering input from experiences of other writers. My list would focus on science fiction and haiku markets, but there sure are other areas.

      And I’d be very happy to share your submission experience so far in a post. Thanks for the enthusiasm. 🙂

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