Pep Talk: Getting Published (Wreadcast .8 – 5:03)

No ado here at all; just a launch right into a pep talk for all of us looking for our first or 708 zillionth publishing credit:


Where are you looking for a home for your writing?

This is a Wreadcast, a short-term, informal podcast piece. After about a week, the audio will be replaced with a text summary to make way for a new Wreadcast.

12 thoughts on “Pep Talk: Getting Published (Wreadcast .8 – 5:03)

  1. good piece. a good reminder I would say. every new writer reads this but its almost like the kind of thing, maybe right after your car keys, that probably all of us forget. I think for me it probably has to do with being too tierd to look further. the writing process takes so much out that ill do a search of P&W get the first thirty or so, look up the push-cart rankings get twenty from there – and go off sending to those. thanks for the refresher. 🙂

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    1. … Especially when we are already tired. Cheers to you for making a list of new markets anyway. Do you get feedback on your writing from some editors? Sometimes that flags a journal on the edge of a “yes.”

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      1. Well not feedback per say but i have had rather big journals say that while they couldn’t pick my work this time they enjoyed reading it and would like to read more – ive had that from epiphany, glimmer train, fiction and a few more i have the statuses of each response in a worksheet. Its still a no but i am taking it as a better nicer no 🙂

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      2. Those are challenging markets! Sounds like great responses. It’s wise to track all of that in a file. Yes, I wish everyone sees that a personal response is in another class above form rejections. And can we get another way to label the whole thing? “Rejection,” whether on merit or just not fitting in with what had already been planned, is not great for an artist’s soul. ☺️

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      3. I guess its a better way but its still confusing that these bigger magazine send out these higher tier rejections but i only got flat form refusals from the smaller magazines – where i was hoping to make it albeit very cautiously. It leads me to believe that maybe the bigger magazines send out more higher tier rejections easily. But in any case i am taking it as a small sign of success be it real or not 🙂

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      4. Yes, glad you are following those signs! I was stunned to read the blog of a very famous writer who was still upset by a refusal, so I guess there’s a warning in there; we might never be satisfied by the acceptances of yesterday. Just keep writing, I suppose.

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      5. hey, sorry for the delayed response. I am very much burried under life at the moment. But I am still trying to squeeze in some time to write – it still makes me feel so energized and free from all my troubles. Hope things are well with you 🙂


      6. That’s wild; I haven’t had enough time to respond to comments lately and was sure I owed you one! Hope you and your writing are going well. Eager to chat more down the road.

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