NaNoWriMo 2017 (6:05)

Can’t believe it’s almost November already. The only thing okay about that is it’s National Novel Writing Month time again. I’m not able to take part this year, but I can talk about my experiences in the past:

Are you going to try it out this year?


This is a Wreadcast, a short-term, informal podcast piece. After about a week, the audio will be replaced with a text summary to make way for a new Wreadcast.

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017 (6:05)

  1. Excellent, never seen an audio post before and this really had me smiling. 50k is one heck of an ask and you’re dead right about boxing up the editing brain whilst doing it. No time for that here. That said, that fits my writing style. All my writing is done the way I do NaNo. First draft is story, get it down, just write. I never edit on the run throught it at all. It allows me, on a normal flow, to write a chapter a week (Monday to Friday). The pace there is not that dissimilar to NaNo.

    April fool writing sounds like the way Camp NaNo’s work too. A month run the same, but writer sets the wordcount and goal. There are three or four a year too so great to get that writing flowing and forming a habit.

    Should have listened to this before asking if you were doing it this year on my blog! Shame since we’ve just connected, but I totally get life comes first. Maybe some camps next year instead.


    1. Thank you for sending an ear and for your thoughts here, Gary. You’ve got me considering trying a Camp. Does your editing go as smoothly as your speedy first drafts? I see on Twitter there’s an official NaNoWordsprints account, which I would follow when I participated again. Good stuff, and may your count keep climbing!

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      1. My pleasure. Blog engagement with other writers is always something I enjoy doing. It can be a solitary art all too often. I’m told my first drafts are pretty close to the mark so editing, while not something I enjoy, is fairly straight forward. My method is print out draft one double space and one sided then run through a line edit making notes on the blank page and typos within the text. After that I read it on Word three times and lob it to my proof reader. That costs, but she picks up the finer details. Word sprints I have seen, but don’t use because my time is sporadic. If I can get two hours a day then I’m usually well over the daily quota. Comes in handy for when days appear that have less time. Right now I’m 1000 above where I need to be. The cost is all my social media is in lock down. I can’t write and keep that going simultaneously. This event is telling me writing has suffered massively this year due to on-line platform building. Balance all wrong type of thing.
        Do consider Camps too. Even a paltry word count target is valid there. Three camps with, say 20k and you have virtually written a book!


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