How a Plot Springs to Mind (7:21)

It can be especially difficult to maintain a consistent writing practice during the holidays. That’s true of all routines this time of year, come to think of it.

In the midst of bustling about, a fortunate writer can be gifted a poem, a story, or some other creative thought. This is a short discussion-starter about just that:


This is a Wreadcast, a short-term, informal podcast piece. After about a week, the audio is typically replaced with a text summary (making way for a new Wreadcast).

11 thoughts on “How a Plot Springs to Mind (7:21)

  1. wow. so spot on i can so relate to getting ideas for stories while doing other things. I am very very burried under work – like coming home around 2am nearly everynight – kind of busy. Still today in the middle of it all i got a really good idea for a short story which i immediately put down in my journal that I thankfully carry around everywhere. I am not as able to write as much these days, so it made me feel good that the thinking part in me is still alive somewhere.
    Good commentary on the stuff you were readng about our combined knowledge surviving time – i saw a bbc documentary when i was a kid which dicussed how long our entire civilization will last if humanity disappeared today (this documentary was from early 2000s i think) and i was shocked to know that even our highest sky scrappers and the all the digital media will not last all combined more than 200 years (estimated at that time). It almost seemed that stone tablets and dead sea scrolls was the way to go or even drawings on the wall of a cave somewhere. 🙂

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    1. I often go back to the legend of Agatha Christie’s muse dropping by as she washed dishes after dinner; sometimes it takes the mundane to inspire creation. I started writing micropoetry during long highway drives. Half my time was spent trying to memorize the results until I could get to a notebook.

      200 years? That’s a risk with a modern push for hype over quality, I suppose. They say countless pyramids built after the Great wonders withered away because they were made of weaker materials.

      Fascinating stuff! Thank you for the wonderful comment.

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      1. oh its hardest to hold on to an idea once its formed before you can write it, it happens to me when i sleep sometimes i dream up a story in the middle of th enight then i have to negotiate with my lazyness to either write it on my phone or just remember it till morning. I am a little crazy and very lazy i know 🙂 have a good weekend

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      2. I’ve done much the same; if you are crazy for it, then you have company! But I think these are normal quirks in the writing life. So we tell ourselves. ☺️ Wishing you a great weekend too.

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