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From what I understand, this tag was first created on inkgirllandwords, which was no longer in service when I tried to locate the site.  Maybe past responders are thinking of inkgirlandwords? But “Get to Know Me” lives on . . .

Tag Post Rules:

  • Answer the questions given below.
  • Credit the Creator of the Tag.
  • Nominate 5/+ bloggers Questions:

1)How long you have been blogging?

I’ve been serious about it for about six months now.

2)Do you enjoy tags?

This is one of my first tags. I would try more, however.

3)Do you follow blogs which follow you?

Often, but it’s not a rule. If I follow back, there’s a reason.

4)Describe your blog in 5 words?

Easy: Writing, reading, and editing.

5)How many posts you have made, (except this one)?

35.  That’s 30 more than when I first started answering this tag, by the way.

6)On a scale of 1-10,how much you enjoy blogging?

Overall, I’d go with an 8. Some of that is based on the hope that I’ll become more consistent.  Connecting with writers and artists from around the world like this is the best version of the internet.

7)Posts some link to blogs to enjoy reading?

Might as well repost my entire follow list. But here are some of the first to come to mind today:

our silent reverie

Work in Progress

Frank J. Tassone

Frank Prem

A Writer’s Path

8)Writing or reading posts?

I already read much more than I write, which surprises me. Want to finish more of my drafts and comment more often, though.

I picked this up from a generous, open-ended call from another blog to check out, .  And to show my appreciation, I’ll borrow the nomination plea that got me into this tag:

Nominations: YOU are nominated. If you are reading this logged in and willing to do an award post, do post about it and let me know of your answers. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Tag

  1. You’ve snuck in among my faves in the short time I’ve known you WR. So nice to know I came to mind when you were writing this. Not got a lot of time to go through all the blogs you mentioned but I was so pleased with the intro to ‘our silent reverie’, thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy blogging and keep contributing to the blogosphere- I value your content 🙂

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    1. Oh, that’s very generous and much appreciated. Equally glad you are enjoying the collaborations of F and M at ‘our silent reverie.’ You have set the standard for engaging comments with your readers, and I sure thank you for all you’ve done to help us neophytes feel welcome in the community. Eager to see more on your site! Here’s to keeping the pen moving.

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      1. ☺️ Still finding it’s hard to keep up with the comment side of a blog while wandering off for weeks at a time. Life has a way of crowding the writing it inspires, I suppose. How has the Muse been treating you?

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      2. Muse is feeling neglected. Ideas are there but other things keep me busy. I am plodding on with my course work (just) and have recently posted a micro fiction piece. Yes, “Life has a way of crowding the writing it inspires” 🙂 maybe in the crowding, seemingly unrelated snippets of life meld to make a story that is larger than the sum of its parts 🙂


      3. I still rely a lot on those Agatha Christie moments: finding a lot of inspiration in spite/because of mundane chores like doing the dishes. Explaining the calling to write is hilariously

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  2. I don’t accept awards on my site, as I am not the one who does the work, the troops did it all and I merely report some of the data and stories I come across. But in the spirit of getting to know one another – here goes a few answers:
    I’ve been blogging for 5 years/5 months and have published 812 posts. I enjoy sharing the information I locate and the people I’ve come across along the way I believe I’ve made many friends.
    Tags are important for increasing the amount of readers and in finding people with similar interests. Putting your Tags on the Reader page is one way to do this.
    After all this time, I am still a slow typist, so putting together a post usually takes me longer than it should, but reading my friends’ posts add such enjoyment to my day. I don’t comment all that much, due to time constraints. Just click on the Gravatar images for these readers and you can enjoy their posts as well.
    It’s a pleasure to meet you and I wish you all the best with your site.
    GP Cox

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    1. Many thanks for the reply. I’m definitely in the slow to write and respond camp here, but working to turn that around. Have been constantly impressed by the quality of the community here. Looking forward to catching up on your past posts. Thanks again for making the time to comment and connect.

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      1. My pleasure. You are correct too, the group here enjoys a smile, talking to each other as well as asking me questions or making a comment. We have a wide range of people, from a student very interested in history to chefs, lawyers, retired and past military, housewives, teachers – the list is endless. I hope you continue to visit!


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