A Nod to Self-care for Writers (5:12)

No one is immune to the need for self-care.  Not even writers, who if not glorified for dysfunctionality are at least held essentially synonymous with a disregard for the physical self in exchange for written mastery. Hygiene and sleep (and mundane stability in general) are for sales and hospitality.

Please let this serve as a sensible reminder that even the wildest writers benefit in the long run from self-care.

The thoughts below should pair well with an earlier attempt at a digital detox in the name of family connection during the holiday season.

This is a Wreadcast, a short-term, informal podcast piece. After about a week, the audio is typically replaced with a text summary (making way for a new Wreadcast).

One thought on “A Nod to Self-care for Writers (5:12)

  1. Great post. Reminds me of a funny forum I read once where people were answering the question, “what do people brag about that you don’t understand?” One of the top answers was, “how little sleep they go on.”


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