Are Constructed Languages Contagious? (6:20)

From the incantations of Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Excalibur to early attempts at Klingon, learning and playing with language took an early root in my life.

Today I’m working on picking up Esperanto (thanks, Duolingo) and have discovered Toki Pona, a particularly minimalist language (14 letters, around 120 words). More than ever, I even feel like trying my hand at building an artificial language.

Is the world of constructed languages contagious for some of us?

This is a Wreadcast, a short-term, informal podcast piece. After about a week, the audio is typically replaced with a text summary (making way for a new Wreadcast).

7 thoughts on “Are Constructed Languages Contagious? (6:20)

  1. You can combine learning Esperanto and Toki Pona in at least two ways
    toki pona en 76 ilustritaj lecionoj
    Toki Pona
    Bergino Dale | 2009
    Prelego pri Tokipono en Dua Vivo (Second Life), per la lingvo Esperanto.
    [that picture of Sonja is a wrong one]

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  2. You’re welcome…
    some of the words of Toki Pona came from Esperanto (thru tokiponization)
    from Esperanto
    ijo < io
    ilo < -ilo
    musi < amuzi
    mute < multe
    pali < fari
    pona < bona
    selo < ŝelo
    suno < suno
    tenpo < tempo
    tomo < domo
    from Esperanto but repurposed
    la < la
    li < li
    from multiple sources, including Esperanto
    mi < Esperanto mi
    o < Georgian -o ; English o; Esperanto ho
    sama < Finnish sama; Esperanto sama
    supa < French/English surface; Esperanto surfaco
    jan Sonja did also created an excellent online Esperanto – English dictionary which is now unfortunately off-line …
    mi tawa
    jan Pite Janseke


  3. sina o kama pona…

    [“you’re welcome”, litterally: you welcome; not sure if this structure is standard Toki Pona]

    mi wile e ni : jan ale li kama sona e toki pona …

    tenpo suno luka tu la jan li ken kama sona e toki pona li ken toki kepeken jan ale pi ma ale lon toki pona.

    toki Inli li pona, taso toki pona li pona mute.

    Wikilibroj : Tokipono

    mi tawa

    jan Pite Janseke

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