Letting Autocorrection Take the Helm

After wrestling with autocorrection for the thousandth time, I begin to wonder if maybe there’s more to story.

Have I overlooked some different approach that could repair this partnership? Maybe it’s all just been a case of stunting my eager assistant with all of my knee-jerk negativity and constant counter-correcting?

I mean, look: that’s definitely not the kind of work environment I would thrive in either.

So, clearly frustrated past rational thought, I have decided to hand the keys to the rest of this post over to AutoCorrect [which, I am to learn, apparently prefers to go by “additivity”].

Here are my only rules going forward, committing to this ill-fated road:

  • I will write using only my device’s swipe pad
  • I will not overrule the corrections unless absolutely necessary for some reason, and even then I will give you some notation
  • I will do my level best to enjoy the unintended art inserted by that irrepressible artist, “AutoCorrect.”

Alright. Has my Inner Editor agreed (very reluctantly) to step out for some coffee? Yes. Good.

Let us begin.

Working With AutoCorrect

As an editor, there are few frustrations like knowing exactly what and how you want to say something, only to have the words detailed by additivity. Every rough draft required editing of some kind; it’s too be expected. That, however, should come after the fact and allow for the writers words to make it to the page first. With autocorrect I am forever looking over my shoulder, positive I’m watching my work double in real time.

When I write longhand I have a tendency to start slowly and legibly. Then the ideas take off running in that exhilarating rush. Here, too, I’m starting to roll along, except that’s when the trouble really tends to start.

What is little wires and got res and circuits must be at work trying diligently but in basin to decipher these hits on team time? Here they go, the good intentions of a thought it an image. Who is to blame at this point? My careless sweeps or the packing of the technology?

Now for the finishing challenges, I put this away for a month. Then I come back and try to edit this intro a clean text. . . I’m afraid I’ll pass on that. But thank you kindly additivity. At least you have left us with a proofreading test for your trouble.


*additional editing by “additivity” (current status: disabled)

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