Are Constructed Languages Contagious? (6:20)

From the incantations of Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Excalibur to early attempts at Klingon, learning and playing with language took an early root in my life. Today I'm working on picking up Esperanto (thanks, Duolingo) and have discovered Toki Pona, a particularly minimalist language (14 letters, around 120 words). More than ever, I even feel … Continue reading Are Constructed Languages Contagious? (6:20)

A Short Note of Gratitude (Wreadcast .4 – 0:45)

It's been a couple of months now; an expression of gratitude is long overdue. It's also been said before that had WREADITOR fully understood how welcoming and dynamic this writing community could be, the site would've existed so much sooner. The following is just a small token of thanks to the readers and writers (and … Continue reading A Short Note of Gratitude (Wreadcast .4 – 0:45)