Writing Everything Twice (Wreadcast .6 – 6:35)

microphone-2627991_1280For so many years, I had a simple view of writing any poem or story essentially once. I wrote them as the seeds took root and pruned them into final drafts as able. This is a wonderful model for anyone afflicted with the writing compulsion.

Recently, however, I realized a second shaping was necessary for publishing these works into the world. . .

Brief Audio Summary

Two separate writing incarnations for each piece of poetry or prose: the first artistically satisfying the writer and the second as a flexible collaboration with an editor for your audience.)


This is a Wreadcast, a short-term, informal podcast piece. After about a week, the audio will be replaced with a text summary to make room for a new Wreadcast.

4 thoughts on “Writing Everything Twice (Wreadcast .6 – 6:35)

  1. Thanks for this. Really nice way of shaping things. When u say u change things a little for different markets, do u mean u adjust beginnings endings for ur short stories but that wud change the story itself – maybe i am getting it wrong ? If its not too much trouble. Thanks

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    1. Appreciate the question. I’ve been focusing on poetry for awhile now and have reworked details for two reasons: 1) I don’t have a piece that fits a submission call theme, but I can get there making a change that doesn’t ruin the rest of it, or 2) I read what a publisher has favored in the past and make some adjustments accordingly. One example: I might try converting a one line/one breathe haiku into the more traditional three lines if that’s all a great journal favors (and I’m okay with the result.) For fiction, it can be harder to make changes. I’m a big fan of trying to work with an editor’s theme like the ones Duotrope lists on its calendar. Sometimes you can do that without harming the original beauty and power of what you already have. Add or subtract magical elements, change a setting, or add more edge to the text, maybe? I am also sometimes open to retitling a piece so it would line up better with the editor’s recent picks. In one case, I loved a dialogue so much I made alternate sci-fi and fantasy versions to shop around.


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