Editing Your Own Writing: The Most Overlooked Trick (3:10)

I believe most writers today not only appreciate the importance of consciously separating editing from writing, but can also recite the oft-repeated technique tips and tricks, such as: wait as long as possible before putting on the "editor" hat temporarily change the text to a defamiliarizing font don't rely on spelling/grammar checkers study lists of … Continue reading Editing Your Own Writing: The Most Overlooked Trick (3:10)

Are Constructed Languages Contagious? (6:20)

From the incantations of Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Excalibur to early attempts at Klingon, learning and playing with language took an early root in my life. Today I'm working on picking up Esperanto (thanks, Duolingo) and have discovered Toki Pona, a particularly minimalist language (14 letters, around 120 words). More than ever, I even feel … Continue reading Are Constructed Languages Contagious? (6:20)

Have You Found Your Writing Voice? (Wreadcast .2)

The audio experiment continues! The following is a conversation starter on the importance of your writing voice: (Audio summary: Taking the voice (style, texture, etc.) of the words we use into account, using distinctive writers from Hemingway to Hugo as examples. Ethics of adjusting voice for different markets. Experience as guide.) Have your words found … Continue reading Have You Found Your Writing Voice? (Wreadcast .2)