How Do You Pronounce “WREADITOR”? (Wreadcast .1)

This is the prototype for a probable series of quick audio clips (“wreadcasts“). Each will be informal recordings available for up to a week after posting.

The debut topic is a question I imagine some have asked: “So, just how do you say the name of this site, anyway?”

(AUDIO: Introduction to wreadcasts and acceptance of alternate pronunciations. Most expected is r + “editor.”)

Want to describe how you have been hearing it in your mind? I’ll keep comments open after the audio expires and is replaced with a text summary.

Thank you for listening!

14 thoughts on “How Do You Pronounce “WREADITOR”? (Wreadcast .1)

      1. Right? I love talking in and if accents. My friends and I speculate it’s because we grew up in an area with literally the lowest vocal variation. Great for enunciation, at least. I hear Aussie is one of the hardest accents for foreigners to mimick. Is there much variation around the country?

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      2. The only noticeable accent difference (in my opinion) is the south australian accent which tends to be a little more ‘refined’. Then other parts you either get that refined accent or the one you are exaggerated one. I’m not explaining this well. There us also variation based on what other languages a person speaks. I grew up around many accents. People tell me I sound English but then some words sound American.


      3. I was so positive I had replied to your comments here; my super apologies! Having some trouble toggling things on this dashboard—learned that I accidentally reverted and unpublished a post somehow from my phone, too. Here I though I was all modern and tech savvy and such. Oh well. But I think I do get what you mean about a south Australian accent as you describe it. Figured there were some differences around the continent, but didn’t know how exactly. Fascinating stuff, and it’ll be fun to see what your son thinks of it all!

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