A Short Note of Gratitude (Wreadcast .4 – 0:45)

It's been a couple of months now; an expression of gratitude is long overdue. It's also been said before that had WREADITOR fully understood how welcoming and dynamic this writing community could be, the site would've existed so much sooner. The following is just a small token of thanks to the readers and writers (and … Continue reading A Short Note of Gratitude (Wreadcast .4 – 0:45)

Have You Found Your Writing Voice? (Wreadcast .2)

The audio experiment continues! The following is a conversation starter on the importance of your writing voice: (Audio summary: Taking the voice (style, texture, etc.) of the words we use into account, using distinctive writers from Hemingway to Hugo as examples. Ethics of adjusting voice for different markets. Experience as guide.) Have your words found … Continue reading Have You Found Your Writing Voice? (Wreadcast .2)