Editing Your Own Writing: The Most Overlooked Trick (3:10)


I believe most writers today not only appreciate the importance of consciously separating editing from writing, but can also recite the oft-repeated technique tips and tricks, such as:

  • wait as long as possible before putting on the “editor” hat
  • temporarily change the text to a defamiliarizing font
  • don’t rely on spelling/grammar checkers
  • study lists of overused and troublesome phrases
  • work from a hardcopy
  • look for something different with each pass

And so on. Here, though, is one you might not have incorporated into your editing routine . . . yet.

This is a Wreadcast, a short-term, informal podcast piece. After about a week, the audio is typically replaced with a text summary (making way for a new Wreadcast).

3 thoughts on “Editing Your Own Writing: The Most Overlooked Trick (3:10)

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