A Short Note of Gratitude (Wreadcast .4 – 0:45)


It’s been a couple of months now; an expression of gratitude is long overdue.

It’s also been said before that had WREADITOR fully understood how welcoming and dynamic this writing community could be, the site would’ve existed so much sooner. The following is just a small token of thanks to the readers and writers (and editors) who have made sharing thoughts very encouraging and rewarding.

(Audio Summary: Tremendous gratitude towed all of the writers I’ve been able to connect with from around the globe in such a short amount of time!)

Here’s to all the discussion yet to come. And as this is a triple-themed site, I’d love to hear where you’d like topics to veer from here.


2 thoughts on “A Short Note of Gratitude (Wreadcast .4 – 0:45)

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